Tony Brown and Joseph Oliver are two of our energy auditors here at Appalachia Heat Squad (AHS). These two men exemplify what it means to work hard while also being passionate about the work they do. Tony Brown and Joseph Oliver were born and raised in eastern Kentucky and because of that, they have a deep understanding of the problems that grip the communities served by AHS. Along with their understanding comes a sense of hope – hope because they know they can help communities in any way they imagine.

To them eastern Kentucky is home; it is spending time with their families and making sure everyone is well taken care of.  These two energy auditors understand how to treat others as if they were their family.  They make sure homeowners are well-informed and double check each other to ensure the energy audit is performed correctly. Joe and Tony have a background in construction work that enables them to see issues with homes that go beyond an energy audit. One of the things that inspired Tony to become a construction worker years ago was the value of the trade. 

“I came to HOMES Inc. with very little construction experience. I was given an opportunity to learn a valuable trade,” Tony said “I have been with HOMES for 23 years and I’ve been over all of the construction more than half that time. It has its challenges but it’s a great job with a great company. I love the work we do and the people I get to work with.”

As time passed the need to help people with rising energy costs in eastern Kentucky became a necessity, so Tony Brown and Joseph Oliver became certified energy auditors.  They understand the building science behind it and how energy consumption works. To have these two wonderful men inspect your home for any needs reach out to HOMES Inc., located in Whitesburg, KY at 606-632-1717 or  reach out to Appalachia Heat Squad® by visiting or calling 1-833-986-0088.

About the Author

Megan Stepp serves as an intern with Appalachia HEAT Squad. Originally from Inez, KY, Megan attended the University of Pikeville where she studied film, media, and communication. She uses her education to help AHS tell meaningful stories of the communities we serve.